Silver Bullet Weekend Getaway!

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Upon our arrival at the lovely small Durango Airport, we were warmly greeted outside by our guides, John and Julie and two lovely Sportmobiles. Shiny, stocked and ready to rock!

The vehicle (silver bullet as I like to call it) was in impeccable condition. Stocked fridge, walkie talkies on and all amenities set in place. With some instruction and review, we were ready to hit the road. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The journey to our first stop at Butler’s Wash at Comb Ridge took us through a beautiful canyon where we stopped for a short hike. We timed it perfectly with the afternoon sun warm on our backs and nature provided us a wonderful colorful journey of spring flowers – what a treat! Hard to believe we were in Atlanta just hours earlier!

Our campsite was beautiful – what an amazing view of the valley at sunset. With my fire-starter husband on the hunt for dry wood (NOT a problem in the desert valley), we struck up a roaring huge bon fire for the evening. It was wonderful to sit under the stars and nearly full moon and recap the day.

The next morning we packed up (an easy thing to do with the Sportmobile, clean up site, shut doors, go.) And headed to the Ranger Station north of the Valley of the Gods.

This day’s adventure included a spectacular 10 mile canyon hike, taking us from the top of the canyon down into the deep valley. We walked through the dry river bed to the edge of the HUGE dry falls that overlooked what I could have mistaken as the Grand Canyon! Wow… without the cairns (?) I don’t know how we would have made it. The long hike was so worth it…. we traversed through ruins, kivas and some of the most stunning desert hiking.

We spent an amazing evening at what is probably the world’s most fantastic canyon campsite. The view was spectacular. Right on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the Valley of the Gods. Stellar – the sunset and sunrise was majestic and such a unique treasure.

Being able to venture out in a stout 4 x 4 vehicle into the wild lands of the West is a treasure. One I hope to repeat VERY soon!
What a memorable trip.

Thank you Tonto Trails, you’re amazing and am looking forward to our next adventure together.

Pat and Michelle Register, Atlanta, GA

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