About Us

Julie and John Hartley are avid Overlanders and outdoor enthusiast. They spent over five years traveling through Canada, the US and Mexico in their Sportsmobile all the while dreaming up the concept for Tonto Trails. Their goal is to get more people into overland of travel so that they can enjoy the thousands of dirt roads that lead to secluded beauty all over the Western United States. They believe that the perfect traveling lifestyle can be done in an elegant, safe, and fun way by using a great vehicle and a true sense of adventure.

We also love to travel with our trusty adventure dog Ozzie! He can hear our Sportsmobile start up a mile away and never misses the opportunity to jump in. Even if it is just sitting in the driveway! Can’t find the dog? Look in a van…

Where to begin –one of the single best family vacations we’ve done…period! John and Julie directed our family to a few camp site options just north of Moab UT. Safe, secluded and semi-remote was our desired location. John’s descriptive trail obstacles prior to our departure were spot on! The Sportsmobile had NO issues negotiating the small rock terrace leading to the private site we so easily found –thanks again for the detailed directions John! Any doubts about a family of 5 (yes, 3 children and two parentals) traveling in and camping in –and out of- the FULLY outfitted rig can officially be squashed! We literally brought our food and beverages for 4 days (all the cookware and all kitchen essentials were provided). We loaded 5 sleeping bags/pillows (but could’ve used theirs) and our clothes to align with the detailed weather forecast Julie and John provided at time of departure. The vehicle/trip orientation and ‘pre-flight check’ left us with not a single question on the operations of the rig and all of its features and accouterments. We brought a tent in anticipation of sleeping the children outdoors, however the weather -and the fact that ALL 5 of us wanted to be together- put us very comfortably in the Sportsmobile for sleeping. We staged the three kiddos in the penthouse and us folks slept like rocks in the lower bunk. The heat worked like a dream and the most surprising component of the Tonto Trails Sportsmobile was how absolutely water and wind proof the roof tent was. We had rain/light snow and sustained 25+ MPH winds the entire first night. Not a drop or draft breached our cozy fortress. We can’t wait to go back to Moab and rent from Tonto Trails again! Thank you so much for making our family vacation the best one to date!

– Troy Dyer, Durango, CO

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